Mxedruli - Xucuri - the Georgian Alphabets

For the use with TeX/LaTeX I developped a METAFONT based font for Mxedruli and the two variants of Xucuri . You are welcome to use this font and I would be very grateful, if you sent me comments, enhancements etc or LaTeX-samples you generated with Mxedruli or Xucuri.

For more information, here is the documentation distributed together with the package.

Where to get it:

Here are two stanzas from Shota Rustaveli's "The Knight in the Tiger's Skin" (pdf)

(Sample Text [.png-File] Click link above 'better'!)

And if you are looking for a font to typeset Syriac (Aramaic), try Serto!

Last changes on 6th April 2013 (jhe)