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These pages prove you a first impression about my professional and linguistic interest and a short cv. I will regularly update the information given here, so please visit my pages again.


My linguistic interest are on one hand the P-Celtic languages (especially Welsh, but also Breton and (only revived) Cornish), on the other hand on time/tense, aspect/aspectforms and Aktionsart. The latter was the centre-theme of my phd-thesis Temporal Deixis in Welsh and Breton, submitted successfully in July 1998 at the University of Potsdam. Meanwhile a slightly edited version was published at Universitätsverlag Carl Winter, Heidelberg (ISBN: 3-8253-0922-3).

I am also very much interested in a subbranch of the Nakho-Dagestanian languages (= North-East-Caucasian languages, namely the Nakh-languages (Chechen, Ingush and Batsbi).


Please refer to my publication list. See also my online - dictionaries (Welsh-, Chechen- and Breton-German).

Need a nicely printed chart of the phonetic alphabet? Here is the IPA-chart in gzip'ed PostScript or PDF. An other typographical trials ...

Maybe your are interested in these books, which I'd like to give away.

Transliterate web-pages on nonlatin scripts into latin.

Georgian and Syriac

The typesetting system TeX (especially LaTeX) are an indispensible tool of my professional life. For a paper I have once developped a Georgian Font (Mxedruli) in Metafont. For semitists I recently added a font for Serto to typeset Syriac (Aramaic) texts.


Some informationen on musical activities.

Sudoku Solver

Try to solve Sudokus!


Use OpenStreetMap-maps in your GPS device


Please send my suggestions, questions, remarks, hints, . . . at the following email-address: johannes(dot)heinecke(at)wanadoo(dot)fr (replace parenthesed expression by their symbols).

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