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These pages prove you a first impression about my professional and linguistic interest and a short cv. I will regularly update the information given here, so please visit my pages again.


My linguistic interest are on one hand the P-Celtic languages (especially Welsh, but also Breton and (only revived) Cornish), on the other hand on time/tense, aspect/aspectforms and Aktionsart. The latter was the centre-theme of my phd-thesis Temporal Deixis in Welsh and Breton, submitted successfully in July 1998 at the University of Potsdam. Meanwhile a slightly edited version was published at Universitätsverlag Carl Winter, Heidelberg (ISBN: 3-8253-0922-3).

I am also very much interested in a subbranch of the Nakho-Dagestanian languages (= North-East-Caucasian languages, namely the Nakh-languages (Chechen, Ingush and Batsbi).


Please refer to my publication list. See also my online - dictionaries (Welsh-, Chechen- and Breton-German).

Need a nicely printed chart of the phonetic alphabet? Here is the IPA-chart in gzip'ed PostScript or PDF.

Maybe your are interested in these books, which I'd like to give away.

Georgian and Syriac

The typesetting system TeX (especially LaTeX) are an indispensible tool of my professional life. For a paper I have once developped a Georgian Font (Mxedruli) in Metafont. For semitists I recently added a font for Serto to typeset Syriac (Aramaic) texts.


Some informationen on musical activities.

Sudoku Solver

Try to solve Sudokus!


Use OpenStreetMap-maps in your GPS device


Please send my suggestions, questions, remarks, hints, . . . at the following email-address: johannes(dot)heinecke(at)wanadoo(dot)fr (replace parenthesed expression by their symbols).

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