Johannes Heinecke: Curriculum Vitæ


Current affairs

Since may 1999 I am working as a computational linguist in the natural languages developping group Langues Naturelles of France Télécom R&D in Lannion (Brittany). My main occupation is semantics and ontologies for natural language processing. Parts of the results of these works are shown in IST projects such as Multilingual Knowledge Based European Electronic Market Place (MKBEEM) and aceMedia.

I'm also involved in the conception and implementation of NLP software toolkits, which are employed in some of France Telecom's customer services.

In spite of the industrial aspect of my research, I'm still involved in linguistic problems (cf. (s. publications).


From January 1997 until I left for Lannion, I was a research assistant in two projects at the chair of computational linguistics at the Humboldt University of Berlin. Both projects were founded by the German Research Association: ressource-restricted analysis of spoken language (DAWAI) and TeLex.

Within the DAWAI-project we were developping a syntax- and semantic grammar to be used with robust dependency parser. The grammar supposed to be tolerant enough to provide a correct analysis for syntactically or semantically faulty input.

TeLex is a project pf semantic database of German verbs, semantically decomposed.


During the years 1994 until 1996 I was involved in the research into the Verbmobil project, undertaken by several university departments and industrial partners. At our institute the tools for the central lexicon for the syntactic and semantic analysis have been developped. Some utilities for the acquisition and administration of multi-input lexicons have also been developped.


During my time in Berlin, I was able to write my doctoral thesis Temporal Deixis in Welsh and Breton, which in Summer 1998 I submitted succesfull at the University of Potsdam. Meanwhile a slightly revised version has ben published by Universitätsverlag Carl Winter, Heidelberg (ISBN: 3-8253-0922-3).

before 1994

In 1993 I was scientific assistent on a replacement basis at the linguistic department of Heidelberg University.

During my Heidelberg time I worked several years at the IBM Scientific Centre in a speech recognition project.


My studies took place in Bonn and Heidelberg, where I studied General Linguistics, Semitic Linguistics and German Linguistics. During the academic year 1989/1990 I was at the University of Wales in Bangor (Theoretical Linguistics and Welsh). I graduated as a MA in 1993 at Heidelberg University.


Since a graduated MA, I was able to publish several papers.

Scientific Interest

My linguistic interest are on one hand the P-Celtic languages (especially Welsh, but also Breton and (only revived) Cornish), on the other hand on time/tense, aspect/aspectforms and Aktionsart. The latter was the centre-theme of my phd-thesis Temporal Deixis in Welsh and Breton. For the time being I also pursue a strong interest in typological issues.

I am also very much interested in a subbranch of the Nakho-Dagestanian languages (= North-East-Caucasian languages, namely the Nakh-languages (Chechen, Ingush and Batsbi).


Music is a borderless language, some people say. I agree fully. Since I can remember, I am involved in music, in small and bigger choirs or playing the violoncello in several orchestras.

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